Urban Woorden’s Poëzieweek 25th-29th October

oktober 14, 2010

Klein maar dapper! Urban Woorden’s Poëzieweek 25th-29th October, Leuven, België
People can register on our Facebook page, where the events are also listed. If people don’t have Facebook, they can also register on Eventbrite:
Monday 25th October @ 19uur: Bruno and Maaike Neuville (poetry and reading of travel by land from Belgium to Nepal via Iran) @ De Dry Coppen
Tuesday 26th October @ 20uur: Slam (starring Saul Williams) film screening @ Pangae
Wednesday 27th October @ 20uur: Open Mic night (Youth focus) @ leescafe Het ZonneKompas
Thursday 28th October @ 14u15: Dorien De Vylder poetry reading @ Leren Ondernemen sociaal restaurant
Friday 29th October @ 20u30: Najiba Abdelloaui (former slam champion of Holland) performs @ Purpur (two young Leuven poets will also take the stage). Night/week ends with DJ Oddlaner of Up High Collective.

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